CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme that focuses on all aspects of fitness.


These aspects of fitness are cardio / stamina / strength / flexibility / power / speed / coordination / agility / balance / accuracy.

The programme is carried out through workouts, what we call “WODs”, short for Workout of the Day.
In general, we recommend training 3 days a week.  Those with more experience may like to train more.

CrossFit WODs are made up from 3 main elements Constant variation – Functional Movements – High Intensity. This helps to hit all the 10 points of fitness already mentioned.

Ultimately, CrossFit is designed to build a better quality of life.

Workouts are scaled for all abilities. Whether you are a complete novice or advanced athlete, we can all workout together under one roof and learn from each other. We scale the workouts down to suit every individual. This ensures that you are always working at your full potential and constantly making improvements to your fitness.


Classes will be varied. One day you may be combining together an endurance based erg machine with a variety of dumbbell exercises.


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