Jo Warburton

“I have only ever done strength training and avoided cardio like the plague, but I noticed my heart rate was coming down from a peak of over 180 in the first few sessions, then I noticed I stopped saying ‘I can’t do this’ and perhaps a few other choice words!

“I began to look forward to it and even did a session on my birthday! It has now become part of my routine and the coaches are really supportive and encouraging. You never feel like the slowest or last in the class as each time you train you are competing only with yourself and seeing huge gains.

“I am not a gym bunny in tiny shorts and tops, but I realise I don’t need to be – I am fitter, stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been. I have definitely surprised myself and my family in my commitment to this. I’m proud to be a Coalville CrossFitter.”

Craig Smith said:

“CrossFit is essentially a strength and conditioning programme, and Jo came to it unsure about what to expect. Even so, she came with an open mind. This is so important. Since she has been training at CrossFit Coalville over the last few months, I’ve seen huge developments in all aspects of her fitness.

“Her cardiovascular capabilities have improved immensely and the beauty is she hasn’t lost strength at all. That’s the thing with CrossFit, you can still make huge gains in your resistance training and develop the other aspects of fitness at the same time.

“Every month, Jo pushes a little harder and achieves a little more. I feel like her CrossFit journey has just begun and she has so much more to offer the box! Keep up the good work, Jo!